Most Common Tree Services Provided by Professional Firms

There is a range of tree services that you will require to keep your trees in best possible condition. Our aim here will be to look into some of these services which are provided by tree maintenance firms.

Common Tree Maintenance Services

Tree Cabling and Bracing

In case some of the tree are split (commonly known as double leaders) then risk of damage during storms is higher for such trees. A professional arborist can protect such trees using tree cabling as well as bracing systems.

The benefit of these systems is that they provide greater protection during high winds and prevent them from falling or getting severely damage.

Tree Spraying

Another important task tree service providers look into is tree spraying which helps in protecting plants from disease spreading insects and pests.

Professionals make use of their experience to examine the kind of pests and also species of the tree as well as its overall health to determine the right type of spraying to use. 

Tree Topping

Here branches from a tree are cut way back up to tree’s lateral branch. The benefit of tree topping is that it facilitates new growth  as well as replenishes the tree.

It also becomes necessary to carry out tree topping in case a particular tree is extending into power lines or if the tree is becoming top heavy.

Tree Thinning

Tree thinning becomes necessary in case a lot of branches start growing in the interior section of the tree. This means that required amount of sunlight is not reaching interior sections.

It will lead to higher amount of dead wood, likelihood of various types of tree diseases and pest infestation. Tree thinning can be helpful in solving this problem by literally thinning out a problematic tree and facilitate healthy growth.

Experts utilize their knowledge to make the cuts in right places and also select right season for perform this work.

As for instance, experts are well aware of the fact that performing thinning right after spring can be harmful for a tree since trees are generally in a state of exhaustion after going through seasonal growth in spring. Thus, they avoid performing tree thinning during this time period. 


Deadwooding refers to the process of trimming dead wood (such as dead branches) from a tree. Apart from helping to improve appearance of your trees, it assist in reducing risks (risk of a dead branch falling over them) people have to face while walking under the tree.

Moreover, rotting branches will start spreading the rot onto trunk of the tree, which will eventually result in death of your tree. In addition to it, dead branches will easily break off on a windy day and damage your home.

Thus, it is quite clear that if you want to maintain your trees in good condition then appointing an experienced tree service provider will be quite important.

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