An Insight into Situations Where Tree Removal Becomes Necessary and Why You Should Hire a Professional Arborists for Tree Removal

Trees are like part of the family and there are many instances where few generations of a family grow up playing under the same tree. Moreover, they enhance beauty of your exterior landscape as well as improve curb appeal of your home.

But, sometimes they can create serious problems, as for instance, when large limbs of a tree are precariously hanging over high voltage power lines or when root system of the tree is interfering with underground pipes, foundation or water lines.

In addition to it, if it is a diseased tree then as it starts to deteriorate and weaken, it will be infecting other trees present within your property. In such situation, you will have no other option but to hire a professional firm to take up the task of tree removal.

In this context let us first look at some of the situations where it will become necessary to remove a tree and then we will go through details of why you should hire experienced professionals to carry out this task.

When does it become necessary to remove a tree?

Tree removal becomes a necessity when:

  • You find there is heaving soil beneath canopy as well as at trunk’s base.
  • There is growth of fungi (like mushrooms) at trunk’s base and on the tree, signifying decaying root.
  • Presence of scaffold branches or cavities within trunk.
  • Upper crown with hanging or dead branches.
  • Peeling or chipped bark.
  • Hard and shallow surface roots lift as well as damage concrete pavement and start ruining the lawn.
  • There are vertical cracks as well as other damages close to the trunk.
  • Leaning tree with a leaning greater than fifteen percent of tree’s vertical height due to weakened roots.
  • Nearly 1/3rd of interior part of trunk is hollow.
  • There are narrow angled as well as crossed branches which may result in splitting of the tree.
  • There are dead branches only a side of tree due to trunk damage.
  • Wounds, dead branch stubs and cracks causing internal decay, resulting in severe trunk damage. Tree removal will be necessary if such damage is more than 25%.

Why you should hire experienced professionals to carry out task of tree removal?

There are several reasons why it will be a prudent decision to call experts for this task, let us go through the details here:

  • First of all, you will not have required heavy duty equipment and tools to perform this task in the right manner.
  • Experts also select equipment after closely examining several different aspects such as branch architecture, condition landscape is in, how sound the tree is and similar other factors. Generally, you will not have such knowledge and experience to carry out the task properly.
  • Experienced technicians have required knowledge and expertise to create a plan of action for tree removal so that there is no damage to landscaping, vehicles or your home during the process.

Thus, if you are not sure whether your tree can be saved or need to be removed then best thing to do will be to consult a professional arborists so that condition tree is in can be properly ascertained and if required tree removal carried out to protect your home and prevent risk of other damages.